Last Night’s Dream

Last night, I had a dream that a more boss-like and authoritative Janet Yellen came and spoke for a group of which I was a part. She refused to take any questions, agreed to pictures but kept her sunglasses on, and required the lights be kept low.

Then something extraordinary happened. One of the individuals in our group who had been playing live music, just ignored her presence and started playing music again, over her, so loud that no one could hear anything Janet said. Meanwhile, half the people present ignored her, and just went about their business.

I paid no attention to she or her sidekick, and walked around talking to other people. But then, when Janet gave up and began to leave, a group of us started hounding her with questions, selfies, and following her out like a group of puppies that you’re trying not to trip over as you pass by. It was the group’s way of mocking her and all that she stands for.

That generation is finished. Their services are no longer required. We’ll take it from here.