Know your Mutual Fund teachers

As published in The Telegraph on 22 May,2017
  • At school, we have class teachers. They help you teach your child.
  • In the investment world, if your money is your baby, then a Fund Manager is likely to be the ‘class teacher’.
  • The class teacher essentially sets the targets and then guides your child towards the goal. With your money too, the Fund Manager sets the objectives and then directs your money in the right path. This helps your money work harder and earn more returns.
  • And just like how you can’t have a single teacher take all the subjects, you have different Fund Managers. Each manager looks after a certain kind of Mutual Fund.
  • So just like how the Hindi teacher is separate from the Math teacher, your Equity Fund Manager differs from a Debt Fund Manager.
  • But class teachers don’t suffice. Your child may need extra support outside the school. Enter Tuition teachers.
  • Similarly, your money needs extra support while you need more guidance. This is where a Financial advisor can help you.
  • Depending on what your need is, the advisor can guide you towards your goals. He/she can tell you mistakes to avoid and good habits to build.

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