Hathi mera Sathi

Obscurity sometimes helps hide or rather conceal a serene quaint agora, and most times it is a necessary condition. The concealment, not the obscurity. Over exposure might attract unwarranted energies, or make you susceptible to distractions. Not here, not this. 
We like to romanticize everything, sometimes mundane things, places, people, memories, settings, songs and movies, and I'm aware I'm doing it here. This is a disclaimer, not a flip.

About a year ago, if one was driving on the road from the party hub of the city towards the new IT hub of the city, one probably would have not expected to catch this blink & you miss Saathi. What you wouldn't have noticed though, is 3 boys with iron will and silken skills, churning a million joules per hour to buff and shine the Elephant. 
The name is catchy, I love a business with a clever name. But we leap ahead, elephants meander. 
These 2 came from the city of dreams, to the city where it's most difficult to please. Dream they did, and gleam they did.

Slowly there was a buzz, like the new boy or girl in college, good-looking, with good grades, loved by most, good at basketball and part of the theatre group. What wasn't apparent even to the keen eye, was the hardwork behind all the high & happy faces leaving the agora.

Karan & Anuj, I don't know, but seem different. Yet together they have become exactly what the perfect team should be. Add to that the other Karan and the three of them, always to greet you with a genuine smile, and warmth is what one looks for in a place. They always have a thing to say which makes us feel welcome. Anuj will always engage in banter and sports talk, and I haven't met anyone who has studied spirits as much as Karan. Together the three of them take you on an elephant ride like never before. Of course Shruti, Sasmit and the gang are the Mahuts.

Yes they teetered, and wobbled and jumped and slumped, like any business does, like we all did when we took the first steps. A broken tooth and a bruised knee go a long way.

They then found her. Probably they were looking for her, we don't know. There are 2 things about Bengalis, Grandeur & seduction. Bengalis extrude the romantic in you. Show me a better reaction than Ganguly and a better offdrive. Sohini managed to seduce the city with her food. She caters with aplomb to a people who are known for being the most nitpicking.

I like the setting, the attention to detail from each and every member of the team, from Karan or Anuj when they assign you a place, to Rajeev, Raj, Harry, Sharad or Aniket, when they make your last drink. I like the community table. I like how there is a small community developing, like Kipling's cast gathering at the watering hole. It isn't the chaos that shrouds your thoughts, it's the familiarity that eases them.

So, come, all ye fellers who love your whiskeys or ales, you who long for the long cocktail. Pick up the gauntlet, you who wish to take on the hottest wings. Go visit if you are a gang of twenty, or go visit if you are lonely looking to chug aplenty.

Visit Elephant & Co. Gastropub. Kalyani Nagar, Pune,




This is not a review. This is also not a PR exercise. I have no monetary interest in Elephant & Co.
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