I’m reading a book that talks about design thinking as a means to solve the problems women face because of patriarchy.
How interesting, my monkey brain thought, and immediately started relating it with marketing campaigns. (Once a marketer, always a marketer 🤷‍♀️)

Design thinking is a 5 stage non-sequential process, as described by Stanford d.school.

Assume this: I’m a DTC brand selling baby swaddles. Now, let’s apply design thinking to build out my product.

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Cuteness download from Ziggybaby.com

1. Empathize: Although I have used swaddles in the past for my son, I can’t establish the design process on my experience alone. …

A mediocre product can be passed off as interesting with the right marketing techniques.

I can tell this from my experience of watching 10 seasons of Shark Tank. (Someone sold a pimple popping simulation to the sharks, FGS.)

But this wasn’t what I always thought of marketing. What follows is a familiar story for many engineers…at least in India.

I studied to be an engineer but moved into business and marketing functions slowly.

Before I became one, I thought that marketing in all forms and shapes was dishonest and awesome products didn’t need any marketing.

The product will sell itself, I thought.

Parks & Recreation is my fall-back show and is always running in the background when I’m cooking, putting away laundry, etc. I’m big on Leslie Knope’s energy. Especially after I started out on my own, I feel like I can borrow some of her passion into my life.

I’m currently on my 5th viewing and it struck me that Leslie is a perfect coach for freelancers — she’s intense, headstrong about her work, will do whatever it takes to prove her worth, and is a bit of a scatter-brain. …

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