I’m reading a book that talks about design thinking as a means to solve the problems women face because of patriarchy.
How interesting, my monkey brain thought, and immediately started relating it with marketing campaigns. (Once a marketer, always a marketer 🤷‍♀️)

Design thinking is a 5 stage non-sequential process, as described by Stanford d.school.

Assume this: I’m a DTC brand selling baby swaddles. Now, let’s apply design thinking to build out my product.

Cuteness download from Ziggybaby.com

1. Empathize: Although I have used swaddles in the past for my son, I can’t establish the design process on my experience alone. …

A mediocre product can be passed off as interesting with the right marketing techniques.

I can tell this from my experience of watching 10 seasons of Shark Tank. (Someone sold a pimple popping simulation to the sharks, FGS.)

But this wasn’t what I always thought of marketing. What follows is a familiar story for many engineers…at least in India.

I studied to be an engineer but moved into business and marketing functions slowly.

Before I became one, I thought that marketing in all forms and shapes was dishonest and awesome products didn’t need any marketing.

The product will sell itself…

Parks & Recreation is my fall-back show and is always running in the background when I’m cooking, putting away laundry, etc. I’m big on Leslie Knope’s energy. Especially after I started out on my own, I feel like I can borrow some of her passion into my life.

I’m currently on my 5th viewing and it struck me that Leslie is a perfect coach for freelancers — she’s intense, headstrong about her work, will do whatever it takes to prove her worth, and is a bit of a scatter-brain. …

I sat down to write this post about how my 2019 was, and I blanked. I have the memory of a chimpanzee, so in 2020 I should make a list of things to talk about through the year — both good and bad!

Now when I look back at 2019, I can remember only a few events like my son being in the hospital twice, quitting my 9–5 to become a freelancer, and discovering self-care. 3 small buckets? That’s all? There are other things like receiving an award at my workplace, 2 lovely staycations, an amazing birthday, etc.

Must. definitely…

Every year, I read an “email is dead” article without fail. Is it really?

Email has been around from even before the time I’ve been around on the internet, which is a really long time. I’ve been using the internet since I was 9. I am 30 years old now. Yeeaaah.

Social media will get you noticed. But it is also the ‘come and go’ communication, especially with the unpredictable algorithms that the corporations dangle as and how they like.

With synchronous communication tools like Slack, email gets a stiff competition, but when was the last time you muted your…

Content is king. (This phrase is done to death, but humor me this one time.) I’m not going to add statistics to prove my point, because we all know content marketing is an integral part of a successful marketing team.

In the last decade, content marketing has yielded wonderfully for many businesses. In fact, many marketing teams now focus solely on content marketing to generate leads. But not all brands see the same shiny results. There can be a number of reasons why your content is not performing effectively. …

A direct to customer (DTC) model sells its niche product or service directly to consumers via an online website and offline stores. Online sales in India is growing at an annual rate of 51 percent — the highest in the world and is expected to reach USD 120 billion by 2020. India is experiencing a transformation where DTC is starting to displace brick and mortar retail.

This transformation has aided the success of digitally native vertical brands (DNVB) like The Mom’s Co., Bombay Shaving Company, Sugar Cosmetics, UrbanLadder, Nicobar etc.

Here are a few reasons why now is the right…

Last week, I read a report on the best times to post on social media and thought to myself, “Man, are they still selling this?” Brands are obsessing over “best times” to the point it sounds superstitious. But really, are there such sacred time slots to post on social media?

Short version:

Nope. Not really.

Long version:

If I have to send out an email newsletter on a Monday, I’d think twice. Same goes with Friday. What can I say, I’m a marketer who watches open rates like a hawk. But when it comes to social postings, it doesn’t matter.

My son turned 3 recently. But not before throwing some entertaining drama our way.

As it turns out, kids have a knack of falling sick before any event.

What we thought to be a regular fever and throat infection developed into something way worse. On his birthday evening, we checked into the hospital and spent 3 nights there.

I want to write down my experience, so let’s get to that.

Take each day as it comes

No two days are the same. It is not only a great parenting tip but as I discovered recently, makes for a good life tip as well. It helps not…

Swathi Bhaskaran

Freelance Content Marketer for SaaS

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