Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

One fine day your toddler is heading out to worlds anew…

Even after spending more than a quarter of my life, the mere memory of my Dad waving me bye at the gate of my school, gives me collywobbles. I went to an awesome school and had friends who could do anything for me. But still there was this inertia every morning that made me skip a beat. I’ve seen my nephew being born in front my eyes. Crawl for the first time. Take his first step. Utter his first word and also his first step into a school. His cherubic face lighted up like a star with every achievement. On the other hand we the grownups had happiness blended with concern at every milestone he reached. But the feeling turned mutual when he stepped into the school. For the first time, I saw a teeny-weeny shade of worry in his otherwise chivalrous eyes. That moment I saw my little Siddhi grow up in a flash.

Spotless from head to toe in perfectly ironed clothes, efficiently combed hair and the priceless naive look untainted by the world he is ready to take on a new day. A simple bait of gleamy little bag with illustrious books and a colorful lunch box with mouth watering treats was all that was enough to get him excited for the day. There is a blind conviction in his vibrant eyes that, it might be just another outing with Mom and Dad.

With each passing moment, the Mother’s heart grows heavy, to part with her bundle of joy, be it even for a short period. The overprotecting eyes sweeps across the place with an urgency, to make sure that, it is safe enough for her baby. To make sure that the other kids are gentle enough to her child. She ought to find a means to calm down her inner self from floating all the thoughts of dismantling the mere idea of schooling.

When the tricky moment arrives to step into the school, a sudden rush of confusion and realization hits the kid. A faint shade of worry starts flushing across his face. Until then having had grown in the shadows of his parents, ignorant of the world outside and happy in his own little world, the little daredevil is expected to grow up in a blink.

The reassuring teacher tugs the kid away from the Mother’s embrace, while the worried Mother drowned in maternal instinct, unable to decide to let go off the child or hold him closer, slowly releases the grasp and let’s him take the first step towards the future. Unsure and unaware of the happenings, the tiny eyes looks alternatively at his Mom and Dad for an explanation. On the other hand, bloating with joy, Dad puts up a facade of a brave hero, while every nerve in him scrunches within to see his ray of light stepping away from him.

Although the new setting is a little intimidating in the beginning, the sight of the other kids meandering around in search of a familiarity and above all the present, which beholds the memories of their child’s future,settles their jitters. With eyes full of happy tears and brimming with pride, they leave.

A brand new world is unleashed to the little scientist, empowering him with an energy to delve into it with an unnerving determination.

There is no more the comfort of a home or a family, yet there is an inquisitiveness to explore the new place. In a home away from home, a new relationship in the form of friendship is introduced. A systematic and an organized way of playing called as learning is offered. Suddenly neo-rich in freedom, the little tot, unsure of where to start from, ravage upon the world with an overflowing innocence. Lush green lawn is his new trampoline. Books are his new canvasses to give a shape to his imagination. And, tuned at the same frequency, his classmates and the teacher become his extended family.

Engulfed in the sweet pain, the episode had to offer, the Mother walks into an empty house. There is an eerie silence all around. The unattended toys, the disheveled bed, the silent rooms filled with his scent demand for attention. A torment of emotions flood within.

But every doubt is put to rest the moment she sees her child walk out of the gates and embrace her.

Leaving behind the warmth of a Dad’s hug, the comfort of Mom’s lap, the bubble of pamper created by Grandparents and the luxury of a tiny bed, a child steps into the school. Few kids cry and few of them embrace it as a new play area. But every child senses the feeling of beginning of a new phase of life. Till then being watched over at every step, the onus of being all by yourself in a crowd of strangers is thrown upon the tiny shoulders.

“The tiny wings are flailed clumsily but sure take the birds an inch or two above their nests”.

Although guileless and innocent, a child can sense the feeling of beginning of a new phase in his life. May be it is the inherent quality of every living being irrespective of the age and experience, to sense a change.

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