Why do I love travelling?

I was on a constant lookout for the missing pieces of me. I wanted to know what liberates me as a person and what makes me feel accomplished.

It might sound clichéd but slowly travelling became a part of my identity. Never saw it coming, but I was smitten by it. The rustic villages, the rough topography, the lofty summits, the deserted roads, the lush green meadows and the unexplored beaches, in some way, complete an undiscovered story of my life. They give me an unknown sense of belonging.

I just can’t get enough of the hangover or get satiated by the excitement travelling stirs within me. Never goes by a day when I do not wake up with a feeling to quit my job, grab my bag and go berserk. The thought itself makes me sing “Happy” and jump around like a minion.

I have managed to make my calendar bleed with travel itineraries even with an almost nonexistent bank balance. A potpourri of crazy ideas is always brewing within. Just can’t shut up talking about the places I have seen or the experiences I have had. Can’t stop myself from reading and re-reading about the places I want to visit.The bucket list is ever growing.

  1. To take it easy

I have always been a stickler for a plan. Everything had to be methodical and written down. I resisted the unknown. But now, I no longer let my OCD take over me. Travelling taught me that even if you plan everything, a hundred things can go wrong. And the best way to cope with the situation is, to go with the flow. You may never know when a serendipity might strike you. In the end, everything works out fine.

2. Be grateful

Having met a variety of people and seeing different cultures and being in every possible situation, I can’t thank enough for my family, which is my pillar of strength. Friends, who understand my madness. My job which pays my bills. And the universe, which transpires around me to have these wonderful experiences.

3. To Let Go

Every switchback presents a change in the scenery. Every ending is a new beginning and every beginning is exciting and surprising. I have learnt that there is so much more to life! One lifetime is not enough to do “everything”. I no longer hold grudges or ponder over things I could not achieve. Rather I look forward to what new surprises life is going to challenge me with. There is always a tomorrow. All I know is “Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost”.

4. I, Me and Myself

I have learnt how to disconnect from the world. There is no itch to reply to the continuous flood of emails or any urgency to reply to a text when on the road. I can purge myself of the daily shenanigans and come out refreshed and rejuvenated. I learnt how to introspect and fix myself, reset and align my mind, body, and soul in unity.

5. The best things come in small packages

I started paying attention to the small and simple things in life. From the whistling of the Malabar Thrush in Matheran to the barking of Sea Lions in La Jolla, there is an unknown solace nature offers. I sense the difference a smile from a stranger or a pat from a friend, brings in a day.

6. Challenge myself

I managed to gradually dismember the myriad shackles of phobias and tag myself, if not a daredevil, may be as an adrenaline junkie.
I am extremely alto phobic. But I walked on the Sky Walk of Grand Canyon, went cliff diving in Rishikesh, zip lining in Nevada and paragliding in Solang. 
An uncharted courage is instilled in me. Today I traverse past my fears and inhibitions and march forward with absolute confidence.

7. Journey matters more than the destination

I worried my pretty little head over some of the past decisions I had made or with the future plans I wanted to achieve. Travelling has taught me that it’s okay to slow down in the rat race, take a deep breath and enjoy the journey. Life is a series of small destinations and indulge in every moment of the expedition. Learn from the past and build a better future. Carpe Diem..!

8. Patience

You are late because your friend overslept and are made to trek in the hot sun. The train is crowded and dirty and the food unappetizing. There are a countless things that test your patience to continue with a composed veneer. Never realized, but I sure did develop the willingness to live out the situation with a smile on my face. An unknown calmness is imbibed in me.

Travelling is an ablution for me, it is my personal brand of heroin and I am in no hurry to check in to a rehab and get detoxified anytime soon.

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