Inspiration or motivation: what is your call?

Apart from the subtle difference in meaning, “inspiration” and “motivation” also differ in terms of morals when you actually practice them.

Motivation from outside works for many people to do something or act in a certain way. But some folks need to be inspired to feel the passion inside. And a few select ones look for both inspiration and motivation to live life in their ideal way.

But what is your style? And is it time to change it?

The way systems, communities and our environment work these days, it actually saddens me to realize that most of us have completely forgotten ourselves. We have forgotten how tiny we are when compared to Jupiter. We have forgotten that basically we all are emotional creatures, who are asking each other to stop overreacting in different ways.

We have forgotten that while we want to be utterly objective, we should not play with the minds of the members of our own species at least.

People are perceptive. They can catch it if you care giving them a genuine compliment or just wanting to make them work for you by buttering them up.

The thing that we call other’s ego could be self-respect, could be pain, could be a lack of belonging, or a need for solitude.

We all want acceptance in some form. But how do we want it and how should we get it are matters of ethics and values.

If you want plain followers in life, you can motivate people. You can give them a cookie to mop your floors, but only to get them spat [out] on later.

But if you crave true allegiance and respect, inspire them. Make them “want” to follow your ideas and not “willing” to follow them.

Motivation is like an arrangement of quid pro quo. It’s like trade.

Inspiration on the other hand creates happiness, both for the one who inspires and the one who gets inspired. It creates mutual respect and a sense of belonging.

“Motivation is for animals. Human beings need to be inspired.”

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