How to boost your digital marketing portfolio and why you should do it now?

Bad digital marketing strategy can ruin even the best of the product’s market appeal. It requires tactful maneuvering through various lanes of digital channels that lead to the specific set of eyeballs. The need for marketers to reinvent themselves in digital space is more than ever now.

The beauty of this ever evolving skill set is the very nature of it.There are several MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and free video lessons available online for one to get equipped with the skill and then learn on the fly. The approach however may require countless trial and errors with a directionless path amidst the clutter online.To solve the whole chicken-egg job dilemma in this space, Udacity has come up with Digital Marketing Nano-degree program. Unlike other MOOCs , Udacity offers one to build up live project portfolio of digital marketing projects starting from the fundamentals of marketing up to the place where one becomes fully equipped with the expertise to run a full-fledged campaign online.It also offers live mentor, reviewer and student community support to get your “ lazy arse off the couch “— which is often the problem with online courses. Not to forget the industry connect with Google , Facebook, HubSpot and many others which couldn’t get any better with Udacity on your side.

And at last , I would say I can vouch for it since I am a student at Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nano Degree program and it is indeed a one stop solution to learning while building a live project portfolio which not only equips one with all the aspects but makes sure that one imbibes a market situation specific digital strategy rather than “one size fits all”.