Waking up with dreams and you, by my side.

I want to wake up in your arms, dreaming. 
and go Bungy Jumping with our fingers, intertwined 
Go dive the sky with my arms around your body 
makingout in the vastness of the amber blue sky 
‘hippi’fy my belongings and life to bare minimum, 
to be with you, fully alive 
unbasked, untied and unwarranted.
Buy not a house, but make home with treehouse in the woods of amazon or banks of the nile 
or our own ganges, dipping in the chants of love 
embracing the holy vibes of our communion: sacrosant as I see it 
with you, 
the materials are thin air 
with you, my soul gets ripe 
with every stroke your fingers make to side of my face 
with every kiss you plant on the folding of my eyes 
with every soothing shhh you do when arguments ablaze 
with locking of our eyes, each time,
letting hours just pass by 
Waking up with you, and dreams by my side.