Its one of those silent days when you introspect yourself and evaluate your true worth of being you. Is it this that you have been made for or aspire to be?
The excruciating feel of emptiness lends a voice saying ‘’No’’!

But then again you are not alone. Your answer doesn’t remain true to you and gets biased with what you see around and whom you have around. Your inner self drops your individuality and starts comparing you with the rest, you call them the best! The emptiness deepens. Darkness seems to dawn from all ends of your unpredictable future. The voice now says ‘’Yes, you are incapable’’.

That’s where you lose the unfought battle.

‘’Its hard to fight back’’ the voice says again . You fall prey to your weakness. You unceasingly look for support to raise yourself where you can find back your lost hope. Its says ‘’404 error. Not found’’! Your search doesn’t stop! You relentlessly go on, talk to peers, whom you consider your support system for that one last try to restore your faith in yourself. But hello! Reality check! The world doesn’t live for you and is not liable to satisfy the hungry you with the antidote you are looking for. Not even the closest of the close.

And then you drown again for that one last time. The helpless you has successfully won the battle over the real you and you lay motionless. You let others decide your course and here is where you ended. The cycle continues.

The lesson we learn here is, you cannot, rather should not let anyone command over your course towards your goal, life or anything that holds immense importance to you. Its you who has to live through it. Don’t let your self be commanded by anyone outside. It pulls you down. If at all there is someone who longs to live it and share the journey with you then you are lucky. But keep your expectations to yourself cause they might leave halfway too.

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