10 Interview Questions to Ask Your Finance Job Candidates before Onboarding Them

Did you know? If you ask a question multiple time from an individual, you will end of receiving a new piece of information every time.

When we talk about interviews and onboarding better hires, it’s vital to gather as much information as possible. But again, there are set of basic question almost every recruiter asks to the candidates hoping to gather maximum info.

If you are one of them, allow me to break your heart and inform that ‘this is not how interviews work today’.

If you wish to hire better candidates — fiancé candidates here — it’s high time to reevaluate your trusty interview questions and include strategic thought before lashing out the same over the candidates. This approach not only helps in making wrong hiring decisions, but also saves recruiters from future retainment issues. Use these questions strategically to evaluate parameters such as cultural fit, passion, work ethic, problem-solving abilities etc. of your potential finance hires.

Below listed as 10 general questions to be asked for better candidate evaluation before hiring them:

1. What Motivates You?

A simple and most probably, one of the most traditional question asked in an interview. But this question provides you a chance to analyze what drives your finance candidates and what keeps them going. If asked wisely this question could help you find real passion of your future employee.

2. Your Greatest Achievement?

This question helps you analyze what a candidate feel was their greatest achievement and how successful they were in achieving their goal. Also, do relate their achievement with the work requirement that you have to determine if the candidate is a perfect fit or not.

3. What Makes You Different From Others — Specifically Related to the Job?

Evaluate the answer to find out why a finance candidate truly deserves your attention. Learn more about their job related experience, achievement and skills. You can also test the level of confidence that the candidate has with this question.

4. Obstacles That You Have Overcome?

This question answers your question of ‘whether the candidate is ready to face adversities and challenges or not’ and what they thought was the most difficult situation of their life.

5. What Your Peers and Seniors Say About You?

It’s important to find out how others perceive about your candidate as it helps to find out if they are a perfect fit for your organization or not. Don’t forget to follow-up the same with their references.

6. Where Do You Picture Yourself in Next Five Years?

This question helps you answer your query about how competitive and focused your candidate is and what do they think about their career. This also helps you evaluate if the candidate favors in terms of a long-term hire or not.

7. Would You Relocate?

For those truly passionate about their career, this question has a clear answer. Any hesitation in answering this one should lead recruiters to ask further questions.

8. Are You Willing to Work Late Hours?

Depending on the job responsibility, candidates may be required for longer hours at work. Thus, it’s an important question to answer before you conclude over sending that candidate an offer.

9. What Sports Do You Play?

Games are one of the best ways to know the competitiveness of your candidate. Listen carefully to determine whether your candidate is of competitive nature or not.

10. What Others Industries You are Looking Into?

Answer to this question determine if the candidate really interested in finance or just exploring their option.

Better and strategic interview questions are key component in making better hiring decisions. Keep a sharp watch on the body language and reactions of your candidate. These are the key indicators of the interest level that your candidate has. Find a candidate who is truly passionate about their job and not just trying to get into a position.

This article is an excerpt of Skiddy Von Stade, Founder and CEO of OneWire.com with TheUnderCoverRecruiter.com