Ask Right Questions Before Buying a Recruitment Software

Buying a recruitment software is a long-term decision because of the investment required. However, today recruitment firms are investing regularly and more in these purchases than ever.

Recruitment tools are being bought all over the world today. But, What if you are someone new in the system trying hard to figure out which is the right hiring tool for your firm?

Here are top 10 questions I suggest you to ask your vendors before making any purchase:

  1. Ask about the future of recruitment software

NO, you don’t need an astrological advice — but you do want to know the growth of recruitment software that you are about to buy and how the growth is going to continue benefiting your needs. If you are satisfied with your vendor’s answer you are good to start off.

2. Do they have a team of recruiters or ex-recruiters?

Only an industry expert is able to understand the needs of the industry. It is important to know that the people behind the software understand recruitment industry. Ask about their history in recruitment and you will have a clear impression of the vendor’s knowledge set.

3. Ask About Data Storage

Data forms a crucial part of the recruitment industry. You cannot afford to lose your data. Hence, do ask your vendor where they are going to store your data and what security measures will be taken to protect them. Reputable vendors should be able to provide clear policies over data storage and security.

4. Accessibility

Today, most of the recruitment software especially the good ones are cloud-based. But this does not mean you can access it anywhere anytime. SO, double check the accessibility factor and device compatibility of the recruitment tool beforehand.

5. Customer Support

Good customer support forms the backbone of a good recruitment software vendor. Hence, asking about customer support service is also important. Ask if the support that they provide is by email, phone or both? Where is their support team based? What hours are they open and what is their average response time? Ask if any hidden cost is involved with their customer support.

6. Product Updates

Technology changes within snap of time and to stay ahead it is crucial to implement those changes as soon as possible. Hence, don’t forget to ask your vendors what they will be doing to adapt changing technology and how often do they provide an software update.

7. Installation Time

If you are satisfied with the above answer, its time to ask about installation. Installation time often differs from vendor to vendor and software to software. But make sure to have a clear communication about ‘the installation time’ that the software will take.

8. Changes As Per Your Requirement

Adaptability of a software is important. Ask your vendor if they can tweak the software a bit as per your requirements or not. It is a real bonus if you know you have a real voice in the software development as well.

9. What If I Want to Leave?

Renewal or notice period vary from vendor to vendor. Have a clear picture about the notice periods that you are required to serve once you want to quit the vendor and about the data returning policies. Find out formats used by the vendors to return the data beforehand to avoid any nightmares in the future.

10. Some Reference

Always ask for some existing clients who are associated with the vendor and have been using their services. You can also use this client information to get a third-party opinion.

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