Social Recruiting & Rise of Facebook as a Recruitment Tool

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Why Social Recruitment?

Currently, Social Media channels share world’s largest population and have become one of the primary marketing platforms for businesses around the globe.

Let’s take a Quick Look at the audience strength of leading Social Media Platform:

• Facebook — 890 million active user/day

• Twitter — 288 million active user /month

  • LinkedIn — 100 million active user/month

Rise of Facebook as Hiring Platform

With the user base of over 1.59 billion, Facebook has emerged as a hotspot for recruiters. As a gold mine for recruiters, public data of this social media mogul is highly beneficial for those looking to employ an engaged workforce.

Interesting Facebook Stats:

• An average person spends 1 in every 7 minutes online on Facebook (Work4Labs Data).

• Approximately 52% of the candidates use Facebook to look for work (Mashable Data).

• 84% of the candidates have a Facebook Profile (Times Business).

• 50% of the users say a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than its website (Work4Labs).

• 81% of the candidates want to see job opportunities posted to Facebook Career Page (Work4Labs).

Facebook VS LinkedIn

“Facebook is really a platform, not an application. While LinkedIn is being run like a data-driven application, Facebook is really a sharing platform from which many companies can build applications”. — Forbes

Both the platforms serve a different purpose and to a different audience altogether. Even though both are social channels, audience strength/interest of the same differs.

LinkedIn has established itself as World’s biggest professional network and data within LinkedIn system serve the purpose of high-end users — the corporates.

As per Forbes, “With around 160 million members (mostly professionals in their 30s and older), LinkedIn has become the virtual rolodex for business people.”

But as world population gets younger, LinkedIn’s overly strict age-parameter might hamper its overall audience strength.

While on the contrary, this young workforce of the world has been growing up on the Facebook. Facebook today acts as a social guide, promotional, search platform used highly by the young population of the Earth. With such bandwidth, Facebook is no longer ignored by recruiters who are in constant need for top/engaged talent. Facebook has emerged as one such platform that introduces recruiters with thousands of engaged candidates.

Start Early

As per NAS Recruitment, “Only about 60% of hiring managers are actually using Facebook to recruit”.

Facebook recruitment is young providing a great opportunity for recruiters. Less competition and more talent, what else a recruiter need. Having a Facebook recruitment in place will give your company a head start in building an online brand, connection and credibility.

Social Recruitment — The Future

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With the rise of social media channels, recruitment is expected to incline more towards social hiring. HR experts around the world understand the importance of social channels in hiring top talent and have started encouraging usage of social recruitment tools. Social Recruitment tools empower HRs with the power of social media hiring and provide relevant engagement. What can be better than hiring a candidate who is the best match and is already interested in your company than someone else; a power much needed by the modern HR worldwide.

Author Bio:

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