Facebook Like – Like or Dislike

Facebook created a currency in the digital space called ‘like’. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a lot of businesses just got into the rat race and did everything possible to maximise on fb likes.. some even abandoned their business goal and chased the vanity metrics of likes. It became a matter of pride for brands to get more and more customers to like their facebook page. Suddenly the nucleus of all the digital marketing effort was facebook and the ultimate end goal was a like. Some brands even used expensive full page ads in print publications to announce major milestones with respect to likes.

All of that is now behind us. Facebook like has lost its sheen. No one talks about it.

In the whole scheme of things, I feel cheated as a user. I liked a page on facebook because I genuinely wanted to follow and keep a tab on what the page had to offer. But I don’t get to see the content inspite and despite of my ‘like’. Now isn’t that unfair to me as a user? Give me the power of unliking if I don’t continue to like what they share. Instead I get shoved with paid content all the time.

On the other hand, there are advertisers who’ve spent millions of marketing dollars in getting ‘likes’ only to later realise that it means zilch. Strangely none complained.

There’s something very uncomfortable about how we’ve accepted facebook as the all and end all platform for marketing. It’s a great platform undoubtedly but a platform the does not keep user at the centre. Instead it looks like revenue generation is the only thing they want to chase. I am very open to learn if it’s otherwise.

Can’t wait to share this on facebook.