“Women leaders “ our Inspiration ? — A Girl’s Diary

I have a different perspective,quite contrary to the common belief though, have a doubt on “if women leaders are beneficial for other women”.

You may expect that should be the ideal scenario, same mistake of setting expectations that we are told not to for a happy life but we do anyways.

( for me there was no reason absolutely and no one told me i should feel that way. But i did).

We assume there will be connection of gender, we will laugh we will share what this male world obviously don’t understand.

But soon you realise the truth of life that ego comes in all flavours and surprisingly its not gender biased.

When these leaders reach to their level passing all the hurdles , going through a tough life of handling children and husbands

and a new girl in their 20’s comes across them, as inevitable as it is suddenly their whole life starts playing in front of their eyes.

And before you even realise they have started judging them from what they have gone through to make this successful life and what you as a new girl currently have on your disposal. Parameters being first, years before you get married and you are in the cobweb of responsibilities,( i personally most of the time get to hear from a women leader and not even once from a male leader) Every time you talk to them they are trying to make you realise of that scenario that will someday come, an imaginary husband , imaginary children who are going to change your life. This judgement, comparison over and over again leaves you in a self doubt. OMG, what will i do that day? what will happen to my life? And then you start working for that.

But one fine day,( suppose life has failed you)When you sit and recall these statements

,(or when you write something of this sort) this talks , the people(these women leaders) are supposed to be a motivation for you to stand

on the ground and dream for the sky , a specially suited mentoring

but no it instead is a “warning board” , every time you pass it you will feel a panic in your heart for all the “ imaginary future crap life”.

Difficult to focus,grow and enjoy your life when you are constantly reminded of that. Left for individual to decide but life has taught me there are no women leaders .

There are just leaders good and bad.

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