Never Alone

Swati Joshi
Jul 4, 2015 · 1 min read
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never alone

“Auto…….!” A young woman perhaps in her late 20s is trying to stop an auto rickshaw on the road. The watch on her hand is showing 8:25 p.m.. She just has left her office finishing a tiring, hectic day. She is bit worried too; as it is little late and it is about to rain shortly. One rickshaw stops but the driver denies taking her on the route she needs to go. After a short tussle, he agrees on double the rent.

She is Gauri.This was equally a bad day as it had been yesterday and the day before. A day full of struggle, hardship, lacking appreciation, doing awful compromises and all. In short, frustrating day ending up with a tired body and disappointed mind and soul.

After completing her quick meal rather self-made, non-interesting, dining alone kind of dinner, she throws herself into the bed. It is a windy night. Window panes are making rattling sounds. She listens some music just to help her mind to relax and…

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