The perfect recipe

The Perfect Recipe

“Sir, I am telling you, these elderly friends of yours will leave you bankrupt one day…..” Manoj sounds little anxious.

Mr. Amarish Bhardwaj smiles coyly. He totally understands the situation Manoj is talking about but he also knows that he can’t help it. He is running this café for many years. He started it after being retired from army at this small hill station which is also not so well known as his café. Not many tourists visit either the town or the café.

There is a sanatorium neighboring this café. So, doctors and other staff usually visit Mr. Bhardwaj once or twice a day. The sanatorium is not only proving treatment to mental patients but also is serving a purpose as an old age home for the patients who have been cured but not being accepted back into the families as a normal person. No one has ever come back to take them back home. Either the mental condition or the age may be the reason (!).

These oldies are the regular visitors of Bhardwaj’s café. And Mr. Bhardwaj never asks…

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