What does a woman want?

Do you know what she wants?

Very simple though a tough question to be asked! Everyone has a different answer for this question depending upon the experiences and the perspectives established in years spent with women in their lives. Still, being a woman I have understood the following things. It’s not only what I have felt but the observations and experiences I could conclude into something like this.


Each and every woman on this planet wants to be loved. Nature has put craving for love in the woman you consider of any age, race or color! A woman can stretch her limitations to find love for her and beyond that to keep that love alive till her heart beats. This might be considered an overstatement but eternally true.


Pleasure is birth right of any and all the creatures on this orb. Whether it is physical, psychological or by any other righteous means. A woman might need to be happy on her own many a times. It may be possible that she wouldn’t feel as happy as you in things you can enjoy but as she gives everything a try, one needs to give her that space and the right to enjoy the things she considers enjoyable without being prejudiced or judgmental about it.

You may not find this fun or pleasure! -Respect her choices


Women are high esteemed souls so, if you are one of the people who thinks what else does a woman need in life if she is wealthy, surrounded by loved ones and sustaining a comfortable life? Then, my dear friend let me tell you that it would be only a hypocritical idea about NEED. A woman needs to be respected the most at every stage of life. A dignified status and respect for her deeds can meet her requisites but most of the times this is judged as being arrogant or having a huge Ego!! Piteous it is but true.

must protect her


When we talk about security, the first idea a person gets is about protecting physically. Giving a woman physical protection is a basic instinct but more than that she must be protected against emotional violence, monetary issues and social defiance. People find women available to dump their emotional trash majority of times that damages her somewhere deep inside. She needs security from all the negativity being driven to her to help her heart and mind stay healthy for a lifetime.

Giving ear is as important as to let her speak.

#To be listened

I have seen that a woman’s voice can’t be tolerated though the society is crowded with so called cultured (!), educated and honorable folks. A woman wants to be listened regardless of your reactions. Giving her the ear calmly, with an open mind and more importantly whole heartily can resolve majority of the issues or confusions in day to day life. People living together have most of the problems due to different perceptions so, giving a patient ear can work well in a woman’s case.

Can manage without luxury

#Luxury, Freedom, Extra care, Pampering etc. are also on the list but can be adjusted according to the availability and yes of course the affordability! A woman can live happily without material wealth if you keep yourself transparent about what you can and what you can’t but again she needs to be talked too. Accepting your limitations in front of a woman can benefit you both and friends this I have written regardless of gender. This list has no condition applied as ‘For guys only’!!

Now, reading this list must have led the intelligent, rational minds to label me as a strong feminist but dear ones, can you pick a single thing from the list that a man doesn’t want?? I strongly believe that each and every man on this globe needs the same. These are basic human needs. So, a woman needs the most is to be considered equally HUMAN as a man is!! Though there are several prodigious differences Nature has provided to both of them but I think it is to fortify what another lacks. Giving a thought to take care of each other’s needs is worth trying I guess.

This brief list can be stretched as per your understanding and willingness to make your woman or say women happy and confident enough to believe in herself and the world as well resulting into a happy living for all.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear as well as read if you have something to say.

Take care!