When Questions Arise

Meaning of life : A forever myth

Everything goes as usual, there are variables here and there, some new things are happening as usual, though all of it is calm and Peaceful as usual.

Many times exciting activities I initiate becomes Peaceful and calm after a point and then Boring.

Isn’t it true for most of the things we do ?

Going deep into these thoughts of Boredom I prove to myself the unworthiness of the world to be associated with. It’s ultimate meaning of meaning nothing.

I ponder over this Sweating Idea again and again. Yet everytime something new comes into my mind, making me busy with itself and distracting me from this idea of unworthiness of the world.

And I wonder, what is it ? What is that worthy thing to do in this world after all. Thousands of narratives, myths, beliefs and histories; says I am here for a purpose, is it really true ?

Did they all found their answers ? Are those answers worthy ? Is it all about my making sense of it ? Or does it really have any meaning I’m itself ?