India-Myanmar: A Crucial Road Ahead

This article briefly discusses the importance of Myanmar for India and to the Asian security architecture.

Myanmar lies at a crucial geographical position between India and China and therefore is viewed to play an important role during military insurgencies between the two. Also, the recent change in Myanmar’s political structure makes it necessary for India to maintain atleast a neutral relationship with Myanmar. Owing to the fact that China is a major trade partner with Myanmar and also plays a crucial role in its political landscape too, China-Myanmar relationship poses a threat to Indian Security.

As political structure of Myanmar changes from military leadership to a civilian one, India will try to secure better trade relations with Myanmar. It has been locking deals to sell defence equipments as Myanmar is expanding its defence procurement. This will help India secure better trade and political relations with Myanmar.

Selling of defense equipments will also be a step to self-sufficiency in production for India.

Because of its strategic location, India would also seek Myanmar’s cooperation to resolve insurgencies in North East India which are being sourced and run across Myanmar’s border in terms of access of information and removal of such rebel bases.

As political and economic reforms turn situations in Myanmar, it will play an important role in Asian trade and security structure. The communal tension inside Myanmar and the major role that it might play in the India-China strife makes Myanmar an major pillar in the Asian economic and peace development. Thus, Myanmar plays an important role in the development of Asia with a huge past of colonial exploitation.

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