Interview with Ms.Independence

Age is just a number , so said Shakespeare. But for her , age is not just a number but words too , poise and surreal. At 70 , she is ravishing , mesmerizing and gracious as ever. She is none other than the Indian Independence.

Ms.Independence thank you for talking today. Many happy return of the day from all of us ?

Thank you so much , its a pleasure indeed . And please call me irony . I like to keep it real you see.

Irony , why?

Why not , turn back and look at what we as a country fought against. It wasn’t the British , its what they represented . Colonial greed , chronic imperialism , feudalism , divide and rule maneuvers , resource manipulation , corrupting the indigenous knowledge were some reasons why there was a large drawn fight for centuries.

Alas, what we fought against for those who ruled us is was what we ended up being ruled under.

So you want to say that 15th August is farcical , your birthday is mere tokenism?

Frankly India achieved political independence before 15th August , 1947 . The official date was kept as 15th August because Japan had surrendered during the Second World War on 15th August 1945 and hence even if Indian Independence was achieved in July 1947 by passing of the Indian Independence Act ,1947, the Britishers thought that 15th August is a lucky day for them so it was kept as an official date.

So you want to say that 15th August has no value?

Technically we celebrate 15th August not because of its freedom from British regime but as a recognition of a nation after the states of West and East Pakistan were removed from the Indian territories. In simple term one can say 15th August is a mere celebration of an updated Indian map .

So Ms.Irony you don’t seem to be very happy with the celebration of Indian Independence every year?

What are we celebrating year after year, are we really celebrating those martyrs and fighters who laid their lives for the country so that future generation can breathe in a sovereign and independent country. That future generation who takes their freedom for granted , a generation for whom History is mere a subject of dead people and passing marks is all they require to clear the exam.

Can the present day youth recall beyond a Gandhi , Nehru or Bhagat Singh and quote of who and how the Indian struggle of Independence was fought . That struggle of Independence which was executed in such a way that it has no precedence in World History of any war fought at such a large scale and manner. At a time when there was no social media and tele-communication , all we had was a nation of million sleepy conscience . The struggle was not fighting a common enemy but mobilizing those conscience.

You tell me , is this what is being celebrated this day!

I might not have an answer for that but I know that there is still a value proposition and a collective national sentiment to this day. It acts as Holy Grail for a nation of billion diverse faith , race, religion , caste , creed , sex and this feeling brings us to one common platform . “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota hai , usse perfect banana padta hai”, right?

So filmy . Desh perfect nahi , deshwasi perfect chahiye. The nation is just a topographical and geographical entity , its the people who form the neural system . And this neural system , this collective conscience even with the advent of technology is still snoozing. The biggest causality for this is just one word which defines the state of the country we are , INDIFFERENCE. We are indifferent to whatever happens around us and just like most of us who like to leave to God or luck , we leave it to the system. The system which we are also a part of but like to keep ourselves aloof .

So you are saying people need to fight the system?

I am not saying everyone of us has to be a krantikaari . No. But utilize the power of asking questions and getting proper answers. Ensuring that we do not end up embracing what we ones fought against.

The situation is complex and multi-layered , various players and stakeholders are involved but one has to begin somewhere.

True , so in the end just a simple question should we celebrate Independence Day?

One might choose to celebrate Independence Day for the essence of it . Lets remember the ones who laid their lives in their small and big ways: men , women and children ,for us to sit and talk freely . Lets raise a toast to those still fighting to ensure that we enjoy the perks of Independence at the comforts of our home while they remain away from theirs.