Startups all around!!!

To be very Honest, I never paid heed to it. Startups-Startups and Startups!!!! all around. Should I get into it to know it???? Ah never!

I was focused on something else and kept on running after such a thing which was not meant for me.

Till now the Question was somewhere in the air! But then it happened to be in June 2016 when I was left with no other option, I had to push myself to know how Startups really work! No doubt, we all look forward to get placed in any of the MNCs. I mean who doesn’t want?? But over the years what I have learnt is life can teach you a lot of which you would have never thought of.

When it comes to me, frankly speaking I never thought of working with an IT Firm that too with a Startup. I started to develop a keen interest and probed to know more about it. Knowing about how it came into being? What is the story behind? How the work is divided and performed?

Great opportunities, Rapid Learning, Self-Motivation, Amazing Team Work was knocking the door of my career. It’s truly said that we dream of many things but if we hold on to patience, there is when it hits the miracle.

Now it’s been 7 months I started working with a startup and I really couldn’t figure out how time flew by. Taking up tasks and completing it right on time has really boosted my self-confidence. Come let’s have a look at the Combination of Startups.

· Opportunity to learn more and more- This takes place because the number of employees are less and probably the biggest advantage you can get by working with a startup. Take initiative and individually ask for guidance or any work-related help.

· Work Management- Your work will always be appreciated whether it is marked individually or in a team. When we talk about new ideas and inventions, you will get full leverage to put forward your ideas and above all the best thing about startups is that your ideas will never be shut down.

· Work is the top most priority- Sacrifices have to be made when you plan to work with startups. You cannot just think about yourself but have to think beyond it. During your initial days of work, you may even get stressed out or might have to invest long working hours.

Offs and Leaves???? Forget it, sometimes you even have to sacrifice them. But it is all done so as to train the employees. Don’t worry, this is not going to last for too long, once you are through it, you can easily rule your life along with work. :D

· Work and Responsibilities- Competitors are found everywhere, whether it be school, college or at your workplace. People will always try to pull you down if your work is good. But you have to be adamant for what you are called to do. Let your work speak by itself. Trust me nothing will go unnoticed.

· Respect plays an important role- It is said, No work is big or small; let me make one thing very clear, when you work with startup you are only going to experience big tasks. You need to respect the work which you get. Sometimes you might get to work on things which are not meant for you or work for which you were not hired. But it’s okay. As an employee respect the decision you made to choose a startup over any other already established firms. Come up and help your CEO to make an idea happen of which he has thought of and accepting the fact that you need to learn a lot more by working with startup. Never try to gain the appreciation all alone. Tasks in startups cannot be performed all alone. Teamwork as well as mutual respect among the colleagues goes hand in hand.

· Smile and Wave- What is the best thing you can do when you get pissed? Yell? Argue? Well, this is not really going to work among your colleagues. People will come and go, some will try to pull your work and sometimes you might come across people who would be much interested in knowing what you are indulged in. So, what to do? During such situations the best thing is to Smile and Wave and continue with your own work.

The list will never end if I keep on elaborating. People keep on asking me, how do I manage to work for so long hours. I always end up with one simple answer, “I really don’t know but I love my job as it gives me an exciting learning curve.”

So far, my Journey have been amazing and there is a long way to go. Also, I look forward to learn many more things from my team members.