LASIK: A rise of technical frontiers in Medical Procedures.

There has been an increase in the rate of people who at undergo LASIK surgery in the last few decades. 
The LASIK surgery is the new procedure that has been more refined and substituted with better options and techniques as compared to the conventional alternative. The LASIK is one of the most sorts-after the medical procedure in Ophthalmology, as per the records in the country. Since the risks involved in the surgery are minimal, there are many more preferring to undergo the surgery procedure with more trust and will. The surgery has minimal contact on the eye with much of the actual point of surgery being the outer and inner layers of the cornea, which otherwise would not be accessible to open hand and instruments.
LASIK is a generic term being referred to the operation that is occupied in the areas of eyes that are instrumented using Lasers. A new mode of instrumentation on the cards for the surgeons that has been the most preferred techniques with surgeons involved in ophthalmology since the advent of Laser technology in the last few decades. LASIK is abbreviated for Laser in-sight Keratomileusis, a surgery that is noted for correction of vision in people who have near or far sight visions or in the other words called as Astigmatism, both ways. Lasik is a surgical alternative to the conventional mode of eye surgeries (such as photorefractive keratectomy).The surgery techniques are referred by the surgeons depending on the intensity of the surgical correction needed to be implemented. The decision obviously depends on the individual for the consent. 
The reference to the use of laser dates back in decades, but the advancements in the techniques has been on the list only since a very near past. So the technique is far trusted and the people who undergo the surgery procedures are satisfied with results. A recent survey on the statistics of people who underwent the surgery has a satisfied ratio of 92%, which stands out for most of the other surgeries in the country. The surgery is the complete alternative to glasses and contact lenses, which otherwise are not preferred by people who are young and active. And surprisingly there are many who dislike wearing glasses and contact lenses.
The technology of Lasik prevails with a satisfying success in many cases and there has been a tremendous growth in the number of people opts to the surgery than conventional glasses and lenses. The lesser are the people who deny the trust in the surgery techniques and prefer the latter instead. As of 2011, there have been 11 million LASIK procedures that have been performed in the country. LASIK procedures have an equal presence, worldwide with over 40 million cases of LASIK procedures already performed. With the satisfaction of 96 % on the strength of millions is a quite success story that has been true bliss in the Medical Communities worldwide.