LASIK: Things to Know before the procedures

LASIK is pretty much simplified and one of the safest medical procedures undertaken by many in the country. The root of the procedure is to adjust and reshape the cornea. And the procedure does not come with any hassle and bustle, just a reshape passing through eyes. There are many preventive measures in at any instance in any sciences in the world and so is it with the procedure. Though significantly minimal, the risks involved have to be taken much more cautiously and carefully. 
But there are little more in cases that need to be seriously taken care of before the surgery. Of course, there is the doctor who would guide you through the preparation for the surgery, but there are few obvious measures of the very common thought on the charts. Many of us do use contact lenses and it is instructed much before the surgery to avoid using the lenses for at least a period of 5 -21 days prior to the procedure. The same does not apply for people who wear hard lenses. The people who wear hard lenses are advised to stop wearing them for at least six weeks prior to the procedure and another six preceding the surgery. The only reason is because these kinds of lenses reduce the absorption of oxygen, thus reducing the content of oxygen in the regular amount. The lack of oxygen in the area causes a condition where the blood vessels grow into the cornea resulting in complications pre-post periods of surgery.
There are many more precautionary measures that are important before the procedure is initially prompted. The eye condition of the patient should be deemed stable for at least a year before the surgery is scheduled. And also, the thickness and the other parameters of your cornea is assessed and recorded for the accuracy and efficacy of the process in the surgery. The resources on the base for LASIK surgery is pretty good compared to any other procedures of the kind in Ophthalmology. The high standards and the specialist quality of the surgeons involved in performing procedures are worth trust and confidence in the long history of the medical procedure been in existence.
There is also a review on the antibiotic and other medications that is been administered in the periods closer to the surgery procedure. It is advised to disclose all the medications being used since; it is the doctor who knows the better of it. LASIK is generally preferred on the adults who are at least above the age of 18, with certain exceptions in cases where there is an unavoidable circumstance to perform the procedure. With an overall percentile of 96% success rate, there is a not much margin for any kind wayward results, but obvious precautionary measures could wave off any unforeseen effects on your eyes and the functions. The researchers have shown not much of complications to have aroused from the pre-post conditions associated with the procedure. So there is nothing much to worry, if the preventive measures listed are cared before and after the procedures.
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