Why do I think of myself as a content writer? Hm.

Content writing and a few basic skills I feel I possess to dig my hands deeper in it.

Hmm, some people think that’s all a content writer does. It for some reason does not have a creative aspect, let alone the techniques of writing.

Well, let me take you through a short journey of my skills that make me call myself a writer.

Yes, I do have an OCD about lousy grammar, and that is an essential ingredient to a content writer.
I do, as a matter of fact, know it! (Hope you got the tone)

I have a passion for writing. Not only do I write for personal joy and expression, I also believe in using my skill to create meaningful content that embeds a message to convey.

Yes, it is a systematic process of content generation!

While a lot of people think content writing is a menial, monotonous job, well let me tell you, it’s people like us who make your idea as glittery as gold (sometimes more than that)

Or as Rihanna says, “shine bright like a diamond!”

An idea when conceived is young and fragile. It needs nurturing and polishing. As a content writer I know my job is to polish the idea behind any newly blossoming project. I have to on my toes, have my thinking capon at all times and weave everything a viewer might (not) see off the screen or paper through the thread of creativity.

My job is to, as again Backstreet Boys call it, make it

Pardon me for my popular culture reference, I am but a 90’s television geek!

Yep, that’s about it!

Oh wait, attaching a few links where my writing samples could be assessed:

And finally my blog where all my deepest, darkest secrets can be found

Thank You!