The Irrfan Khan Controversy — An Ill-informed Muslim or a Seasoned Marketer?
Saad Ahmed Shaikh

I strongly disagree on whatever you’ve written. I don’t care about what Irrfan Khan said, whether it was a publicity stunt or anything else but it does make sense to me.

I still didn’t understand how does it justify killing an innocent animal?

Slaughtering innocent animals in the name of religion to please god is a heinous & condemnable act. It’s no wiser an act than one child killing other to please the father. It’s immoral, barbaric & foolish. Killing their innocent children to please them is insulting our gods.

Isn’t God the almighty who has power to take whatever he/she wants all by himself/herself? Then why do we need to offer any animal sacrifice to God?

In the eyes of God all living beings are his creations. He does not distinguish between an ant, a lion, a lamb and a human being

It is ego of humans that they kill animals to please god. It is basically cave-man’s immature idea of pleasing the gods/goddesses who controlled rains etc.

My question is not against any particular religion, but all those religions which have this custom of sacrificing animals for god ?

Sacrifice innocent animal in the name of god?? Why would God ask to kill an innocent animal in his name ?

Come on, why would you kill something that is not harming you?

Why would people eat another conscious life form?

People are supposed to be vegetarian. The one who eats flesh cannot be holy!

A desire for flesh is not Good! Because GOD is spirit!! Neither flesh nor blood.

Humans have gone back to their animalistic nature.

P.S. In a passage Jesus says “I say you are all gods and children of the most high.”

Buddha talked about divinity within alot. People hide this info because they don’t want you to know that we are gods and belong to the Divine. If you knew that, it would set you free because then you would know you were born into Love, and not Fear and you don’t need to do anything for God to love you, because God IS LOVE.

The killing of the animals was not for God, it was for idols. Humans had many of them and still do today.

Let’s stop the barbarism!! Let’s stop sacrifice animals in the name of religion🙏🏻

Lastly, what is the meaning of sacrifice? Giving or offering something to God which is yours! If you really want to sacrifice something, here’s a list of things you can do as a sacrifice;

-Give up your bad habits, foul mentality and cunningness.

-Try to make sacrifice with some of your luxury and help others.

-Give up smoking and drinking alcohol or eating animals.

-Pay some money to the orphanage or Old homes for development.

-Try to feed a poor by cutting a bit in your luxury.

-Adjust to help people in the society

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