Burn or Earn


Burn with the brevity of life or Earn the moments that make a life

Burn with remorse for not chasing your dreams or Earn your concord by realizing those dreams

Burn your trail by not listening to your instincts or Earn your treasure by following those instincts

Burn ablaze by not following your heart or Earn the sheen & beam by following your heart

Burn alive for not choosing love or Earn your love by choosing love

Burn by failing to take a stand or Earn your own veneration by taking that stand

Burn with being choked for withholding that decision or Earn your sovereignty by resolving to take that decision

Burn your character by being silent to the unjust, unfair & the wrongs; or Earn your own conscience by speaking & standing up for the right

Burn by not listening to your gut or Earn a life by listening to that gut

Burn by turning a deaf ear to your inner voice or Earn that direction to steer towards the greater good that’s in store for you

Burn each instant by not following your passion or Earn the light into that dark tunnel by living that passion

Burn by whining to that downcast situation as a predicament or Earn the wisdom to discern the blessing in disguise it is

Burn by ruminating the worse or Earn the embrace of reality & take the responsibility to change it

Burn with the cacophony of the naysayers or Earn that catalyst from those sharp retorts to propel even higher

Burn with beating yourself up, over & over again with the stones of the past or Earn a path by making a trail with those pebbles

Burn with the thwarting unpredictability of tomorrow or Earn a thriving tomorrow by making the most of what it is today

Burn with letting things happen to you or Earn a life by making things happen for you

Burn with duping to your own self or Earn the authenticity by staying true to your own self

Burn with hatred or Earn hearts with respect & simple, plain, pure, pious, genuine, viscous love

Burn with choosing to stay in a dead relationship or Earn the realization of your own worth by choosing to leave

Burn with being dependent in an unrequited love or Earn the nerve to carve your own niche

Burn by wallowing with the “should haves”, “could haves” & “must haves” or Earn the fist-thumping moments of your life of “I did it”, “I made it”, “I created” & “I built it”!

Burn with the poignant thoughts of not having enough or Earn the bliss of your life by being grateful for all that you are blessed with

Burn with seething into self-pity or Earn that might to roll the dice on the table

Burn by the atrocities of the tormentor or Earn your own pride by roaring the truth

Burn with finding meaning into everything or Earn the sensibility to be literal in everything

Burn with running after money asininely or Earn the sagacity that death doesn’t distinguish between the torn curtain of a slum and the teak wooden door of the suite of that swanky hospital

Burn to the slow death by not following your calling in life or Earn the honor of witnessing your life’s miracles by acting upon that calling in your life

Burn with jaded pseudo love or Earn the gleam & bloom of pure, passionate love

Burn with insecurity or Earn your safe haven by being contented in your own skin

Burn with the disbelief of others in you or Earn your own belief for your own belief is just enough

Burn with seeking permission from the world to succeed or Earn it by making it happen

Burn with deceit in relationships or Earn those real relationships by brutal honesty

Burn with self-loathing or Earn your own love for your own self

Burn with jealousy or Earn the best version of you by giving it your all

Burn with ego or Earn your pride

Burn with regrets or Earn your lessons

Burn with the past or Earn a future

Burn with inaction or Earn with action

Burn under the mask you wear in front of the world or Earn your own sense of worth in your eyes by unveiling your mask by being who you ARE-To yourself & to the world

Burn by being fake or Earn the longevity of the goodwill that you can leave behind

Because eventually, we’ll all be either burnt or buried

So either, Burn in the melancholy of the wrongs, the pain, the unfair, the unjust in the past or Earn the path to a future that’s pristine by making the most of what’s left

The only time to EARN is NOW.

So, go EARN it while you have time, while you can.

Because no one knows, when it’s about time!

Combust or Create

Burn or Earn

Burn or Earn~Swati Sharma