Harvey Didn’t Come Out of the Blue. Now Is The Time to Talk About Climate Change.
The Intercept

This is pathetic, even by The Intercepts low standards. Want to know where Harvey came from? It came from hurricane season, you know, that thing that happens literally every year. Climate change does not magically wave a wand and create tropical cyclones on demand. Want to know why it was “unprecedented”? Because the atmospheric conditions were such that it stalled out over an area not situated to handle that much rain — not particularly different than the hurricanes that stall out over Florida or the Eastern Seaboard and bring significant flooding… Every. Single. Year.

There is literally nothing special or unusual about Harvey. It’s a strong hurricane after we’ve been lucky enough to avoid for some time having strong hurricanes. We were due for one.

A serious article by an actual, legitimate journalist and not a pathetic hack seeking to politicize the deaths of Texans, would have done some kind of analysis on the historic strength, frequency, and amount of rainfall from Atlantic cyclones over the past few decades, mapped to some indicator of climate change such as average ocean temperatures. A serious article would have questioned the contradictory instructions from local government officials instructing Texans *not* to evacuate, despite state and federal instructions to the contrary.

Instead, we get literally none of that. We get rants about “militarized police” and how Russia is a distraction, and Joe Arpaio.

Fucking sad.

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