I think we should hold them accountable by opposing them.
Thor Benson

So you’re in a hole.

Solution: Keep Digging.

You’re clearly not a liberal or progressive. You are LITERALLY advocating for lying, for smearing, for libel and slander. That’s ugly, dude. Ugly as sin. Ugly as a Republican.

We hold them accountable by “ calling them out as the fools they are”? As if that’s not LITERALLY the only thing we’ve been doing for these past decades? Has it worked so far? Will it ever work? I’ll save you the mental calculation: the answer is No.

The position you’ve staked out here is entirely indefensible. When you take “Freedom of Speech” to this extreme, you parody the very notion of free speech. You make a mockery of it. You debase and abuse it.

Free Speech, actual TRUE Free Speech, cannot exist in an environment where Truth is equitable to Falsehoods and carry the same value as Lies, Libels, and Slanders. Truth, itself, becomes impossible to ascertain.

I implore you to rethink your position. Because you’re going down a very dark path.