I can’t agree with a number of your points, for the following reasons:
Gregg Moscoe

Yours is a false narrative that was being drafted long before Clinton lost the general election. The fact that we saw the rough draft of this argument even then gives it the lie. The actual evidence shows that the vast majority of Bernie supporters fell in line behind Clinton, DESPITE the Clinton camp’s obvious, dripping condescension.

You’re showing that same condescension. It’s starting to get old.

This is not to say that Bernie was the perfect candidate. Not that there’s any such thing as a perfect candidate. But he was by far the best candidate in the field in either party. This is not to say Bernie’s path would’ve been a cakewalk. But where Clinton was weak, Bernie was strong, and where Clinton was strong, Bernie was virtually just as strong.

This failure to be introspective and self-critical about Clinton’s failures, and by extension the failures of the entire Neo-liberal project, if it continues will see the continual failure of the Democratic Party in the face of increasing vitriolic, splenetic, racist and sexist demagoguery on the right.

Now that Trump has won, the floodgates of hate will be open to the Republican Party. Whatever leftist party remains after this will need new tools and a new appreciation for history to combat whatever else may come out of that pandora’s box.

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