Karmic patterns of human beings

We all are connected in this world as a flower of life, each person has value, not only his/her life but also in others life to. This is a beautiful & divine creation & process of this world.

In this process sometimes we hurt some people & some people receive positivity to us. In this proceeding of life, we receive karma, either good or bad. But some karma patterns we can avoid,

· As always be focused in your own life & growth: -

We all here to heal our karma, and this is the main cause of our birth. So better if we only look our own karma not others. How can I pass exam if full time I am focused on others answer sheet.

· Allow others to live their emotions : -

So many times we try to teach others forcefully the way we live or we want. As someone want to wear white dress but we force to wear a green dress, because we like to see him/her in it. But this behave makes a feel of sadness or lack of freedom. By this act of you, you easily receive negative energy from the person or universe.

· Be thoughtful for your on growth:-

Always make a way to be focused and actively focused on your own growth, look yourself in a positive & accept as you are, this will arise you to the tiny topics of life.

· Accept others as they are:-

No one is perfect on earth, everyone has pros & cons, train yourself to accept as they are. Recognize this behave in your personality & release this nature. Be the one who is part of this world & love as the people are.

These all simple things we easily follow to save our self to small karmic cords. Be the part of divine plan, not ruler of this plan.

Thank you!

Hritu kaushal

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