Success & Abundance Reiki

Success is a dream of all individual & we all work for it by heart. But very everyone is not blessed with success. Some work hard but never get balance in return. This reiki system helps these people.

Success or failure both decided by our own aura, as how we think we get. But some people accept this as a destiny. Here I want to say, “God never write bad luck or misfortune for anyone.” It is only our perception or thinking pattern. Regular thinking in that way creates a failure pattern around our crown chakra & in our aura.

This is actually a creation of failure of any effort which we made before starting any new venture or practice. In this situation Success & abundance reiki helps a lot. As this modality we learn to be focus on success. Daily 2 min meditation of success & abundance can change our life perception.

What is failure pattern?

Failure pattern is only our own thoughts & thinking pattern. This pattern actually a acceptance of the failure and negligence of our own self-confidence & God.

Reasons of failure pattern:-

· Regular failures in life

· Regular mental torture.

· Bad circumstances of childhood.

· Non-supporting family attitude.

· Long term disease.

· Over materialistic life.

· Lack of positive thinking.

· Lack of love.

· Karmic issues.

· Psychic attacks.

These all are main reasons of failure pattern.

Solution for it:-

· Regular approach to stand and fight.

· Being confident in all situations.

· Having faith in all circumstances.

· Believe in God.

· Practice of success and abundance reiki.

Here above all four solutions are very effective and have a great impact on failure pattern. But needs a very strong AATMBAL,Which is not easy for everyone, in that situations success and abundance reiki works well.

Benefits of success & abundance reiki:-

· It releases the bad luck pattern.

· Give back self-confidence by regular practice.

· Cleans aura and make it strong to achieve success.

· Changes think tank.

· And takes a very little time in practice.

· Improve aura energies to attract success.

· Clears all blocks to aura and crown, those are blocking success.

At the end I want to say, name is enough to define value of this course,


May god blessJ

Hritu Kaushal

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