Intro to Design @ embibe

Every organisation has its own process and if done right it is synonymous to the vision of the product, it’s size, the values that go around and the day-to-day factors. Embibe is an early stage edu-tech startup that has its feet into personalised micro-level academic improvement using deep science and learning.

Design is a core aspect at embibe. The product is built on modular thinking and goes beyond web pages and sites. Below is a quick look at how we find the sweet spot between product goals and design values…

Philosophically, we believe in a 3 layered shell that constitutes Utility, Usability and Desirability, as you see below.

At each layer are two different levels of problem statements (1)the “shit” that we shouldn’t step on and(2)the stars that we ought to reach for.

The end feedback-iteration loop between a user and our design is currently being developed into a seamless process. Collaboration and cooperation are our quick tools which mix well with good product learning and empathy for our users.

Now the cool part! We already have a couple innovative design breakthroughs like the Knowledge Tree (scroll down on the link) and our Score Improvement Program about to be launched in a couple of weeks. We have an amazing variety of graphic design work and the product has 7 facets and building which makes for a lot of design work that goes beyond usual formats of media.

A very healthy pay, 5 day week, stock options and an amazing culture is not the only take home. Our culture is flexible, agile and lean leaving a lot to quick iteration and efficient goal oriented thinking. It is also an open office without hierarchy as such thus being a great place for growing minds as well as experienced professionals to work together.

Our daily and long term problems are tackled with a three pronged direct approach from the Content, Design and Tech teams, backboned by Data and Product. Content headed by Anwar Sheikh is our foundation and we work with different content modules on the design end of it, each content slab being of utmost importance for students preparing. Tech helps us envision a few of the possibilities as well as translate design into the actual engine that runs embibe. Before every product/design iteration comes an abstract stage of looking at data and analytics, creating logic out of them, weighing that logic and taking a call on the ground that we shall decide from going ahead — at embibe the Data team headed by Keyur Sakaria, helps us do exactly this. At each stage of iteration all the teams consult our data scientists to deliver an accurate and efficient decision making process for each iteration.

We have amazing folks from quite a few places as well — Flipkart ex Director of Engineering as our CTO and their Tech lead as our VP of Engineering. Our CEO, Aditi, herself is a designer in thinking and philosophy — the values of the product run straight into her design philosophies that we’ve healthily debated before. She is passionately involved in the product building processes. Much kudos to her vision, more to such an execution. With around 50 embibers we have been able to build a pretty big product serving more than 2 million users, you can understand the kind of team that would have worked on this.

Going ahead, bigger plans see us spiking up on the growth trajectory. That’s also why we are looking for amazing product, UI + UX designers and graphic designers! If you are one or know someone better who share our vision and values, send in a resume at