13 signs an employee is quitting

This won’t be the first and this won’t be the last time when an employee walks in your room and says, “Do you have a few minutes. It’s important?” and then says “Please accept my resignation”.

While employees leave for several reasons, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reason is their manager. Director of Talent Acquisition at Le Tote, Madan Ahuja shares 13 signs to keep an eye out for when employee behavior changes in the workplace….

Another thing to point out is that even if they are not looking for another opportunity, they may be unhappy with their work situation and may be an early sign for looking for an opportunity.

  1. Change in their appearance. You may notice that they start to dress more professionally (in case of an interview elsewhere) or they dress down (in case they seem totally disinterested and feel no one cares anyways)
  2. They start to take more time off. They start to fall sick more often or start to use up more vacation and personal days off… more than usual and unexpected pattern. More lunches, more doctor visits etc.
  3. They show a drop in the interest of any work. Employees that typically share their points of view and opinions now seem to care less and are often quiet in meetings. Possibility that they no longer care about the outcome of what is being discussed
  4. Body Language and Facial expressions. You can read it from their body language or general expressions of frustration, guilt (because of job searching) or just generally given up. You may even notice a change in attitude where they may become more agitated or lacking enthusiasm
  5. Any major changes on home front. Folks that experience sudden changes on the home front or something that they share with you, might be a sign to keep an eye out- spending more time with a new born, working close to home, deal with less stress, divorce etc
  6. Their productivity drops. Their efficiency and productivity drops
  7. Approach to confrontation/conflict changes. Folks that normally use an opportunity to discuss their point of view or push back if there is something they don’t agree with, now decide to be quiet cause they just don’t care any more. The vice versa may also happen where someone who is normally agreeable starts to push back unusually.
  8. Uncomfortable discussing long-term projects. As they are thinking of leaving in the short term, they don’t want to discuss projects that involve them being here long term or will give you very vague responses.
  9. People talk. In general if you hear other colleagues or employees saying something to you, there might be something here for you to look into as sometimes they are more in touch with the situation than you may be as they work very closely with this employee
  10. They communicate less. Folks that are normally uber responsive or you know you can expect them to respond as they always do promptly, now take longer suddenly or just don’t respond. You may try and inquire about possible issues and may receive very minimal or no response at all and the general response is EVERYTHING IS OK
  11. Your gut instinct. You have a very good pulse of your employees and in general if you feel like something is wrong, then listen to your gut.
  12. Social Media. This is a tough one to monitor and you need to be very careful without making an employee feel like you are watching every step. You suddenly see an increase in their LinkedIn or Facebook activity. With LinkedIn its obvious where they connect with folks in other companies (specially recruiters or other managers there) With Facebook or Twitter you may see sudden increase in activity and messages with respect to work and stress in subtle ways.
  13. They stop going above and beyond. Most star employees always have a tendency to help in project and will always be willing to go above and beyond their call of duty. You now suddenly see a drop there and they are just doing the bare minimum to scrape by.
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