Allison Grinberg-Funes

Unfortunately, there’s a growing section of the information marketing/copywriting/entrepreurship community that eats up everything Grant has to say… and honestly, many make Grant sound tame. There are men who tout being “alpha” and talk about “converting” customers in crude and sexually violent imagery. (I’ve heard more than one rape analogy in this industry, unfortunately.) They even mock women in the business, including one thread I saw where fellow copywriters were ranking one famous female info marketer based on her “bangability”… in a public Facebook thread.

These “men” idolize Trump and Mike Cernovich and proudly claim their “woke” status to the world. They’re men who’ve actually incited hate speech toward women within the copywriting community. On Twitter, they’re “alpha” men who spout macho “personal development” nonsense, preying on vulnerable men who obviously have no better role models to aspire to. The result is a spawning of guys like this one: https://twitter.com/kyletrouble who think they’ve hit some kind of manhood jackpot with their distasteful and objectifying rhetoric.

Unfortunately, I don’t foresee this post-PUA culture going anywhere. And like in politics, we’re seeing a wave of these “men” (and women, sadly) feeling brazen enough to flaunt their misogynistic and regressive ideals in public spaces.

The solution is to keep standing up for what’s right. We will eventually change the discourse.

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