Can you provide a source on Snowden being paid for his leak, and who he was paid by?
Jackie Thornhill

Any reasonable assessment of his actions point toward personal gain. He didn’t leak that the information was collection, he took, how it was collected. He didn’t go to Switzerland. He went to two of the most oppressive governments, that are well known to be actively collecting on their citizens and rounds them up. The Snowden the freedom lover goes to China where being a bookshop owner might mean you go ‘missing’? Russia?

Winning would have had the same access to her information prior to the election and choose not to until it suited her preferred political outcome. Made the same calculation the Obama administration did when it was assumed Hillary was a shoe in. To remove her desired outcome from her actions makes no sense. Since she did it for a domestic political gain, at least we will get to see the trail unfold. Unlike Snowden.

The way these things are handled are clearly meant to causes rage, not a exchange of ideas. We have representatives who work on these things for us, they we’re/are aware of these programs. I have to work of the understandings that they must have ample information to determine the programs are protecting our rights as well as accomplishing some measure of value to our safety. When you just take part of it, out of context and blast it out there, you induce rage. On top of that there is the IG system, where you could report this and take it all the way to the President and the ‘congressional oversight’ so also take it to your congressmen, if you demand too. She choose not to do that, and releases it to the public.

You point seems to be damage to the country be damned, if you like the information leaked. How would you feel if you had HIV and a nurse public posts it because she feels it’s in the public's best interest to know?

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