How Healthcare will Make or Break You


I hear the refrain that all the factory workers in my area ‘are voting against their self-interest’ when they put on their ‘Make America Great Again Hats’. I just wanted to point out what these workers went though during the Obama administration.

They had pretty good healthcare, it cost them about $550 a month for a family plan with no deductible, and $15 to $30 co-pays depending on what was going on.

By the time Obama left, they still paid $550 a month, but now they had a $6000 deductible, once that was covered they would pay 35% of the charge until they hit $10,000 for the annual max, and the insurance would kick in.

Or they could shell out $850 a month to get the old insurance back. At $15 an hour, that meet 57 hours of there 160 hour work month went to healthcare. Another $300 goes to taxes. So the first two weeks of every month goes to the government or healthcare. That is brutal.

The result was barring a catastrophic illness they effectively lost their health insurance. While this was going on the Democrats were sounding off how everyone was getting health insurance and how many people were covered and how great it was. We were all covered, and we paid in, but we didn’t get to use it unless we were about to die. So each time they show that chart that everyone is insured it’s a quick reminder.

You have a blue collar job. So making just a bit more so the Democrats want to take it from you, but not making nearly what you would need to be a liberal elite!

Healthcare exchanges online made it all the more painful. Since they worked and we offer health insurance (by law since we had more then 50 employees) they were barred from getting amazing coverage for less money. So they come to work and get less while it seems like some bum who works a few shifts a week has great healthcare, and the same spending money the factor workers do.

For a real punch in the face, a family of four with one working parent making $31,200 ($15 an hour)you go on the New York Health Exchange and they tell you it’s free. Better get back to work so you can pay for everyone else free healthcare!

This experience only doubled down on how much the idea of a single payer system sounds like a deal where they work, pay in even more, to get even less while someone is sitting at home living a life a leisure our the elites preach down at how great it is.

Now before you go saying the company should just pay more of their insurance (they have paid more every year) the problem remains we build stuff and they get sold at Walmart. Walmart can buy these same things from us, folks in Mexico, China, where ever. When people go out and shop, they don’t by American, they buy the cheapest thing that meets their needs.

We can’t raise our price or we will be run out by foreign based manufactures. Trump again promised (though it looks like he’s gave up on it) To slap tariffs on imports so we can raises prices.

As I see my lefty friends rage, please don’t forget the reality for many of us.

That’s how Trump was elected.

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