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If I’m reading this right, you have insurance and it worked for you. The problem with Obamacare in my area was it gave the poor great insurance and took it away from the working middle class to pay for it. Most of my production employees make $32,000. (this happens to be almost exactly the median income for a male worker in the United States) They are largely uneducated, several with some inceration time. Pre-Obama care they paid $6000 and had a $25 deductible on any service. Post-Obama care they pay $6000 and have an annual deductible of $5000, effectively eliminating their access to healthcare. They can’t afford to spend $12,000 for the no decidable plans, and likewise, they can’t afford the deductible. At the same time our product competes’s against international producers (Almost exclusively China), I can’t just raise the post of the products by 20% for a health care premium, we’d be closed half a year and I’d have 25 more guys get free health insurance as they sit at home on unemployment. You can’t just put a 20% tariff on everything, the works would see a 20% increases in the cost of goods while their wages stayed stagnant. If the point was just to put low-income, unemployed people into health care we should have just expanded Medicaid and pay the bill honestly. Instead, Congress tried to hide it in the ‘it’s not a tax, it’s an insurance mandate’.