Trump: Far Right Rhetoric and Progressive Polices?

We are learning more as the days go by about Trumps plans for the first 100, now 200 days. It’s a pretty wacky list when you really look at it. The most interesting thing to me is while the guy said lots of Alt-Right stuff and even put in a token Alt-Right guy in his staff, the policy is vastly more centered then anyone could have guessed.

I’ll start with the things I don’t believe has a snowballs chance in hell getting through Congress:

Term Limits for Congress — Congress folks like having jobs forever

For Every new federal regulation, two are removed — this is going to be ignored

5 year ban on White House/Congressional officials becoming lobbyist

Lifetime ban on White House/Congressional officials becoming lobbyists for foreign governments

Complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American electricians

Clean up Corruption in Washington Act — expands executive branch powers to go after other officials. No one is going to go for this, it’s just too dangerous that it could become a political tool.


While I would be pretty happy if these things happen you’ll note they would all hurt the individual congress person so I really don’t have faith in it passing. The next section I will call Trump’s progressive trade polices. All these are designed to help the blue collar American worker and fly in the face of traditional Republican policy positions on Free Trade. Both Clinton and Obama also moved further toward Free Trade so this is a bit of a shocker really:


Renegotiate NAFTA

Leave Trans-Pacific Partnership

Label China a currency manipulator

Secretary of Commence/U.S. Trade Reps identify foreign trading abuses and take them to task

End the Offshoring Act — keeping jobs in the US and punishing companies for moving them


Lift restrictions on fossil fuel production/Keystone Pipeline in the US, so will likely be anti-climate change but pro-US jobs

Cancel US commitment to U.N. climate change programs

Tax Cut for Everyone


If we have seen anything it’s Trump will say what people want to hear then attempt to moderate his actions. Going from deporting nearly 12 million people that has already gone down to 1–3 million, those who have done criminal acts while in the US. In effect he is saying he will just enforce the laws that already exist. That said this is pretty well to the right of any measure.

Remove funding from Sanctuary cities — Really this was always weird, cities were some federal laws don’t matter

Halt immigration from terror-prone regions

End Illegal Immigration Act — sneak into the US twice and face 2 years of prison time.

Spending/Domestic Stuff:

While I really hope we can get that 4% GDP growth a year, I’m not really expecting it. Right now Trump is calling for massive spending. Like insanely massive spending increases, while lower taxes.


Tax cuts for the middle class, and expanding deductions for children

American Energy & Infrastructure act — an additional $50 billion dollars a year in infrastructure. That is about half of the size of Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, for 7 years longer then it was the first time. This is crazy far to the left.

School Choice — I’m not sure if I could call this a left or a right proposal. There seems to be strong feelings all over the place. I am putting this in left for the time being, since I think it’s initial effect would be to desegregate schools.

Affordable childcare and Elder care: A republican is calling for 6 weeks mandatory paid mandatory leave, tax deductions for working parents to use childcare and extend that to elders. This one may be the most left policy we have seen out a republican since Ike. Rather than protesting the guy the left should be asking for 12 weeks and get this pushed though.


Repeal and Replace Obamacare — Not sure about this one, it sounds like Obamacare is just going to get replaced with expanded Medicaid which should mean the system stays about the same. He is keeping most of the core tenets so this may be nothing but an effort to do the same thing cheaper. I have to keep in mind until 2000 or so Trump was in favor of single payer healthcare.

Restoring community safety Act — doubling down on the war on drugs. That hasn’t panned out, but for some reason it has stuck around for 40 some years. I just don’t get this one.

Rather than protesting I would implore everyone to find the things they like and fight for those to get pushed though.