Rocket Builders Needed in Dunedin

The other day, I tuned in to a live HD video stream of a SpaceX rocket launching and landing. As I watched one of the greatest technological creations of our time erupt into flames, I thought, “This is exactly what Startup Weekend is for.”

There’s a reason why the smartest lawyers test their cases in mock trials, why your building manager runs annoying fire drills, or why Elon Musk’s SpaceX engages in so many test launches. Only so much hypothesising can be done before theories need to be put to the test.

Like a rocket, once you begin assembling and testing the many components of your startup, you discover exactly where things will go wrong. You’re introduced to valuable insight that isn’t found elsewhere.

That’s the mindset you should have when walking into Startup Weekend Dunedin, now just one week away. It’s a test environment for you to rehearse developing a business in, and you will leave on Sunday night feeling familiar with every step of the process.

I call it a test environment because you’re given controls and variables that you wouldn’t normally have outside of a Startup Weekend. You have unlimited access to mentors who have been to numerous Startup Weekends and are on a first name basis with the process. Many of them have also created successful businesses of their own locally and overseas. You are connected to the most talented designers, developers, leaders, and followers that the city has to offer, all under one roof. That alone is worth paying money for.

While Startup Weekend is more focussed on improving the startup building process than creating real businesses, that’s not to say that life after Startup Weekend is impossible. Some teams, like Dunedin’s SuchCrowd or Wellington’s Banqer, discover that their startup has significant footing in the market and ride this wave of opportunity to new heights.

Whether you’re experienced or a novice, a businessperson or a creative, come along to Startup Weekend on April 15th to 17th. While you may not have grand designs on working at SpaceX, being comfortable with launching a startup is a valuable skill and one you will not regret perfecting. You might just find that your rocket doesn’t explode.

The number of tickets to Startup Weekend Dunedin is limited.
Sale ends 11:59 PM Thursday, April 14. Buy your three-day pass here.

words by Jose Mathias