Building Wealth Through AI & the Power of the Blockchain-AICOIN

AICOIN is a passive investment vehicle that uses a strategy combining the pinpoint accuracy of Artificial Intelligence trading models with the “Wisdom of the Crowd” to generate a profit for coin holder / investors. The first part of the strategy uses AI models and First Global Credit’s proprietary technology to optimise market positions taken actively trading the top cryptocurrency markets. The models take advantage of market inefficiencies by automatically executing trades 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ongoing profits generated from the AI directed trading are then used to finance investment in early stage companies focused on AI and public blockchain technology. This dual approach provides significant advantages over conventional, single profit stream investment strategies. The AI models are adaptive, designed to adjust to changing market conditions in real-time, which allows them to exploit short-term market opportunities. This trading provides a constant flow of profits into the Investment Pool which will present five pre-vetted start-up companies to AICOIN token holders to vote on for potential investment. Since AICOIN is built on the ethereum blockchain, the functionality of the smart contract provides complete transparency and supervising control over the voting process. Unlike traditional start-up focused funds, the AICOIN model creates a continuous profit stream that is in part, committed to investing in an ongoing string of public blockchain and AI start-up companies. This provides a significant advantage over the traditional model, where investors commit their available capital to a number of seed stage companies and then must wait for the companies to grow in value before some of the exits provide another round of capital for investment. If a surge in innovation arises while their capital is committed elsewhere, the investor will miss potentially significant opportunities. For more information visit :