My thoughts on Hardly Difficult switching content!

If you don’t know Hardly Difficult (Nick) has been doing gamedev streams for the past 2–3 years or so. Even before that he did something completely different. Recently he has been delving into the world of cryptocurrency and yesterday he decided to switch to doing only crypto in order to hopefully do this full time which you can read about here.

When Nick started streaming he wasn’t doing game development, that’s not how I found him. Had he been streaming gamedev at the time I would not have found him because I don’t know much about that and don’t have much interest in that field either. The reason I stuck around was because I had invested a lot of time into his stream and I really enjoyed him as a person, not only because of the content he was creating.

Obviously now he as switched to crypto and I will still stay with him because at this point I have been watching him for many years and as I said before i’m watching his streams because of who’s behind the camera not what he is doing. Again he is doing something I don’t have the most interest in.

Now that’s me but not everyone is like me and that’s fine. If some people stop watching him because of this I wouldn’t blame them because i’ve done the same thing with other content creators. I watch a lot of YouTube and some of the content creators I was interested in have since switched up their content and i’ve lost my interest, so it’s totally acceptable that some people will leave.

This situation with Nick is a little bit different and even though some people might not have the biggest interest in crypto they might still stick around because this is Nicks last chance and they want him to succeed. If this doesn’t work he has to find a job and I believe that some people want to see him succeed so he can do this full time. I want that. I’ve been invested in his channel for so long and all I want is for him to succeed and his best bet is crypto. Game development didn’t work out obviously but I really wanted it to. Now that he is doing crypto I want it to succeed. He has already made more money with crypto than he ever did with gamedev and it’s wonderful that he has found success somewhere. Hopefully he can make enough money to pay the bills each month.

If this means that you’re gonna leave I bid you farewell. If you’re going to stay I thank you for still sticking around. Either way I support your decision.

Yours truly, swedishwb.