Sweep has launched the world’s first community-based augmented reality (AR) shopping experience.

Using the AR, map or list view, Sweep users can search for offers on products and deals near them, ensuring they never miss out on a good deal.

Using unique AR, AI and geolocation features, Sweep provides shoppers with a fun way to find, claim and share deals and products around them.

Sweep CEO & founder, Robyn Foyster said: “Sweep is the world’s first community-based AR shopping app.

She said: “Our aim is to bring people together who love to shop and create a trusted community where shoppers can find and share great deals and products in a beautifully designed app.

“Using AI, Sweep tailors your shopping experience, so you can find things to buy based…

Imagine walking down the street and using your phone to access bargains in bricks-and-mortar stores near you? The latest mobile app to hit the gamified commerce scene does just that.

Using geo-location and augmented reality (AR) technology, a new mobile app, Sweep, is giving “bargain-hungry consumers” access to specials in physical retail stores through a location-based mobile app.

Designed to bridge the gap between the online and offline retail worlds, Robyn Foyster, the CEO and founder of Sweep says that this new tech will help revolutionise the way consumers shop and how retailers market their discounts.

Sweep is Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Geolocation Technology and the community.

“Having worked closely with…

Knowing where to begin, when considering implementing an Augmented Reality (AR) strategy into your business, can be the biggest hurdle. Understanding your customers and what they want is a great starting point. As is looking to International markets, where AR and VR are already being tested with impressive results. There are many case studies available online that can be provide inspiration and help you identify the opportunities within your sector.

In Australia, 44 per cent of consumers said that they’d be more likely to purchase online if they could virtually see what an item looked like on them or in…

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Sweep is an exciting shopping app where you can post, review and share deals with your friends and the rest of the Sweep community.

The Sweep app is easy to install and set up. The interface is easy to use and navigate around.

You can personalise your shopping experience by the following categories: tech and gaming, food, fashion, health and beauty, groceries, baby and children, automobile, travel, home and living, sports and outdoors and pets.

The deals are based on a map, so you can search by location and or type on a list or Augmented Reality.

Sweep was created…

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By Lachlan Colquhoun on November 26, 2018

The theory goes that Augmented Reality (AR) can help bridge the difference between the online and offline shopping experiences and drive some of the business back into the traditional retail outlet.

Customers have become increasingly disengaged from physical shopping. Online retailing has developed so rapidly and is now such a compelling offer that, in a time poor world, many people find it easier to stay at home to shop.

AR is one of the hottest topics right now in retail. Google and Apple have introduced platforms for AR development and startups in this…

At this month’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, an employee of Chinese tech giant JD.com shows an augmented reality system that allows customers to virtually try on clothing at shops. Image (Getty) — written by Lachlan Colquhoun.

You’re sitting in a café in the inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills and start playing with your phone.

You open an app, a shopping one, and it shows there are a dozen retailers within several hundred metres, all showcasing offers and bargains.

On impulse, you leave the café and head towards the stores, using geolocation features and street view on your phone and make the purchase which has caught your eye.

Meet Sweep, a new app being rolled out in Surry Hills as a proof of concept before going national — and potentially even international. Think Facebook for shopping…

It’s the busiest shopping month of the year so here are two apps you can download to help save money — Sweep and Shping

Using unique augmented reality and geolocation features, Sweep provides shoppers a fun way to find, claim and share discounts around them. Personalised, hyper-local and real time, Sweep is the ultimate shopping companion.

Sweep’s flagship AR feature will help map your journey to stores and venues.

The aim is to bring people together who love to shop and create a trusted community where shoppers can share great deals and review products in a beautifully designed app. Sweep…

Sweep deals near you

Here is a sneak peek of some of the deals posted on Sweep:


The world’s FIRST community-based Augmented Reality (AR) shopping app. Sweep helps you find, claim and share deals near you.

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