I said goodbye. You looked at me with those dark eyes and thoughtful gaze. You extended your hand for an intended handshake and, then unexpected happened, you offered your palm and grasped my hand as if you were going to kiss it.Of course, you didn't really kiss it. There were people around us and we were at the office. It would surely look awkward and confusing. But it felt like you wanted to. In those milliseconds of time I felt the eternity.

You recharged my soul with the touch of your hand.

This is what I am afraid of. Crushes. I hate this. I despise the helplessness and feebleness I feel because of you. I despise the quickened pulse and sweaty palms I get when I talk to you. I am scared of those insects in my tummy called Morpho Amathonte-s. The smell of your perfume makes me hungry for kisses on your neck and ears and I hate this attraction. I am not comfortable with losing myself like this.

How can I avoid a crush? How do you avoid the moment when you see somebody in the most perfect color? How do you forget somebody who instantly becomes so interesting? How do you cure your doubled heartbeat and your feverish forehead?

The answer is — no way.

There is no way to avoid them. There is no way to protect your heart and mind from them. They ruin you. Crushes are toxic.