Great to here! EVABONBONS has received a nomination in Food&Drink Awards by LUX Life in London. Our team is really happy to get a recognition.

Following on from your recent nomination acceptance in the third annual Food & Drink Awards, I am delighted to inform you that the judging panel have made their final decisions!

We’d like to share some numbers and results of the first month (September 2018). Our new location sweet shop in Khimki, Moscow region has been opened on September 8. We reached self-repayment after the first operating month. Even considering the fact, that sweet shop operated not the full month.

In the previous post, we shared some thoughts about creating the structure of our business processes. And we continue working on it.

Today we want to say a couple words about our products. And since we use different types of business models we want to describe different types of products.

First of all, the product which we offer for our consumers (B2C business model). This is the core product of EVABONBONS. As a manufactory, we produce modern pastry by author’s recipes of Vera Osinina — pastry chef of EVABONBONS and sell these products through own sweet-shops. …

Our new location demonstrates good results and good numbers. On October 1th we will get results of the first month. We are expecting profit. This week we started to work on creating business processes structure based on the model of new location.

High level overview (draft) is presented on this picture. This high level structure will be decomposed to the detailed processes flow.

Why did we start this? The goal is to have each process optimized and effectively used. At the same time, non effective processes should be excluded or changed.

As an example, right now we have 2 types…

On September 8, 2018 our new sweet-shop and pastry production has been opened.

We invited the Saturday party our clients and promoted an event to 600 people from the nearest locations. We got over 100 of registrations to the event.

Here are some great moments.

We have a lot of news for the last 10 days. First of all, a reason why we missed a story which should be posted on Sunday. On Saturday, September 8 we launched second sweet-shop and pastry production under EVABONBONS brand in the Moscow region.

Here are some facts about sweet-shop:

  • initial investments 2,34 million Russian rubles (~33420$)
  • construction works took 51 days (compared with 227 days on the previous cafe)
  • revenue for the first 2 days is 52482 Russian rubles (~749,7$)
  • new sweet-shop has an “open kitchen restaurant” concept. …

We have ambitious plans to build an international pastry chain. We are going to use the traditional franchise model to scale our business. But that doesn’t mean that our locations will be standardized. Each cafe will be unique in terms of design. We don’t want to create clones. Our future partners will be using our experience, standards and support of the management company to empower each local cafe.

The main product is freshly baked modern pastry. We are going to use IT technologies to change traditional business. Pastry by EVABONBONS will be distributed trough own cafes.

We are going to…

Opponents say it’s impossible, but they’re wrong.

Russia, November 12, 2014. Moscow. The date when our story has begun with the idea of our founder and pastry chef Vera Osinina. Since that time, she led the team of people who share our mission, our ideas and our way of doing business.

EVABONBONS is a retail company with own modern pastry production and cafes. We are driven by the ambitious goal — build international pastry chain.

Our company has been founded in 2015 in Moscow. With initial investments around $1000. Yeh :) Sounds funny, but this is true. Like any other…

Sweet Team

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