The Concept: eSweet — an online showcase of EVABONBONS Bakery

We have a lot of news for the last 10 days. First of all, a reason why we missed a story which should be posted on Sunday. On Saturday, September 8 we launched second sweet-shop and pastry production under EVABONBONS brand in the Moscow region.

Here are some facts about sweet-shop:

  • initial investments 2,34 million Russian rubles (~33420$)
  • construction works took 51 days (compared with 227 days on the previous cafe)
  • revenue for the first 2 days is 52482 Russian rubles (~749,7$)
  • new sweet-shop has an “open kitchen restaurant” concept. Everything that we sell in the sweet-shop is baked inside of it
  • we launched new service — delivery of freshly baked pastry to the nearest locations in 20 minutes. We called this service eSweet.
  • we tested promotion case which demonstrated great results (see conversion rate results below)

More about the sweet-shop opening event in the next post.

Couple words about new service — delivery of freshly baked pastry using online showcase: eSweet.

The concept of the eSweet is to provide consumers possibility to buy pastry online the same way they are doing inside offline EVABONBONS Bakery sweet-shop (brick and mortar).

Here are some points why people usually go to the shop to buy pastry:

1. They can see everything that they can buy right here and right now.

2. They can ask about each type of the dessert (how it taste, ingredients, a condition when it was baked etc) and get help from the bakery staff.

3. To just simply spend some time to talk with barista or cashiers.

4. They don’t have another alternative (bakery is not selling online).

5. To judge the place and employees and assign their “own label”. How Bakery looks like, who is working in this place, quality of the service, kitchen, cleanliness etc.

And now, some points why people do not buy pastry online:

1. They don’t want to get a black box. They can’t taste it, smell it, see it.

2. They don’t trust the place which they never heard or saw offline.

3. They don’t want to wait to get the pastry at the time when it needed. A simple example — I waked up from the morning and what my coffee with cheesecake right now. I can prepare coffee at home but can’t get cheesecake quickly.

4. They don’t want to spend time using the online shop or smartphone app to remain unconcealed. As an example — place an order and get a notification that some parts of the order are out of stock.

5. Awful, ugly, unfriendly design and interface of the online store/app. As a result, hard to place an order.

6. They don’t want to communicate too much (a lot of notifications, calls, troubles with couriers) to get their order.

7. They don’t want to see couriers at their flats. At home, I want to feel free. I don’t want to wear clothes or clean flat to meet “guest”.

8. They don’t have a PC or smartphone to get access to the online shop/app OR can’t use it in comfort way (driving the car or walking with a kid). Such people like to place orders through the phone calls OR in the future simply talking with Google or Alisa.

eSweet is a project of EVABONBONS which allows us to sell freshly baked pastry with 20 minutes delivery to the home. And we are trying to find solutions for all problems mentioned above.

Based on our statistic almost 70% of all orders at the first cafe were ordered to go. We are going to offer eShowcase as a service for our clients and people who never head about EVABONBONS.

Promo case which we tested on the previous week demonstrated great results and great future of the eSweet. What did we do? We tried to fix the problem under point 1–3 from the list above (“why people do not buy pastry online”). Our promoters distributed informational brochures to150 people. Brochures had a special link and coupon. The potential client just needs to activate it to test new service. Once coupon has been activated — client received free tasting set (2 desserts, 2 eclairs) with delivery to the home in 10–15 minutes.

That was a WOW effect.

Conversion rate from this type of promo was amazing — up to 25%!

Look at this numbers. We launched promo on August 27. People had to activate their promo on the same day. Then we repeated the same promo on August 29 and August 30. Another type of promotion (invite to the Saturday party) was launched on September 4th and 5th.

eSweet was integrated with Slack. And we got all new notifications to the EVABONBONS’s corporate Slack account.

After the first promo, we got 4 commercial orders through eSweet. So we found the solution of the problems described in the points 1–3 from the list “why people do not buy pastry online”.

For us, eSweet is a working concept which we will be improved as a service and as an online tool. You can see the first version of the eSweet here (sorry, it is in Russian but you can use site translator in Chrome). It was developed “on the fly” for 31 hours by non-IT specialists. Right now it is working pilot version. The next step is to integrate eSweet with the offline showcase in the sweet-shop and our POS system. We want to show online in eSweet product remains in the real time.

As an example, let’s imagine that Max comes to the sweet-shop and seeing 5 eclairs at the showcase at this moment. At the same time Roberto, using a smartphone at home in eSweet also see 5 eclairs. Max decided to buy 3 eclairs and once he paid for them — eSweet is changing eclairs remains on the fly. So, Roberto see 2 eclairs available for him.

The key thing here is that both Max and Roberto see the remains of the particular product.

For the next couple of months, we will be testing our concept and developing a new version of the eSweet to provide our clients improved service of freshly baked pastry delivered in 20 minutes.

We will be glad to discuss eSweet concept and here your comments.

Soon you will read:

  • One day from the bakery staff. Construction and production.
  • Saturday party-how it was. The event of the confectionary opening.
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