How I Plan to Validate ShortRoad and Get Feedback
Ying Wang

I have always validated Short Roads. They are the only way one can obtain competitive advantage. You need first find the key factor for success (KFS) then form a value chain matrix. Within that matrix you will designate

  1. Ghost- the biases you will exploit

2. Samson- the strength of your feature providing both advantage and benefit

3. Cyclops- the competitor’s eye you will poke out with spears of influence.

Each is a composite feature of a competitive position/condition that comprises the playing field. You will need in order to improve your going-in approach, come in at 6,000ft 30 degrees flaps down and throttle back to 1200 rpm, but be careful at that altitude, Fred Flinstone who is always drunk may bombard your plane via his new trebuchet.

oops — guess Mr. Ying, Wanged my post — he must be in cahoots with Fred Neptune?