It is insane to have a bar fight

Nick he stood up and threw his raw steak into the mans face. That guy was mad. After riding the railroad all day long clickety-clack-clikety-clack he was not ready for the plump sound of meat on his noggin.

‘We come to a bar, to celebrate — and you, you, you? You come to defile us with your inane ability to conjure up stories like they were all made from John Singer Sargent paintings?’ Nick raged at the masked man.

The masked one say — ‘Nay, I don not by any means like to have nere bout of meat tossed upon my noggin. I shall round you boy, you chestnut of Charles and black eye you none the less!’

Nick only replied whispering now . ‘You will not hoodoo me with your supernatural occurrences outside of Southern culture’.

This masked man looked as if Nick had just read an important work of Black American literature?

They both left the bar and boarded a train to old Cleveland.

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