Oh, are you the one who wrote the Republican healthcare bills?
Mike Meyer

No actually, I had asked Mitt Romney, along with George Bush some time ago to meet me to discuss such facts as you so rightly point out, certain facts — Oh I got it, you are smarty pants ! — and to what the real actuary results would be if Americans became totally vegan or shifted more omnivore, say more like turtles? The statistical results, well we asked Adam Schiff to leak it out into some future episode of Toy Story.

As to the question of Obama’s care. I like it. I pay exactly $12 per month while I listen to Liszt and eat cottage cheese unemployed while my dumb-fuck Iranian neighbor downstairs , he yell— pounding on my floor with a mop yelling ‘Immigrants Pay Taxes You Motherfucker’! I tried to take him out for an Italian Ice but he sputtered ‘Persia — Persia — you stupid Fuck!’

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