The Analects of Habadasherry

Start evolving your superior landing as you pivot between the different and not so.

Benefits only exist for beneficiaries. Do not perceive this in the eyes of a fool.

Before you stock up on luck, you should first K.O. your biggest forte.

People claim differences when in all actuality, there are only pivots.

Strengths, fears, hopes, biases, weaknesses. They form the levers of government.

Always feature your weakness, then counter your aggressor with strength.

You will have a hard time getting into the winner’s circle if you do not circle the winners.

Put down your banana and use technical innovation as the key.

If you cannot substantiate yourself, then you need to counter that same in your opponent.

Exploitation is what discredits even yourself, unless you have a step to make.

Granny Grits is not part of the same band, Aluminum Corners.

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